The purpose of any great organization is the foundation upon which its strategic pillars are built . The deployment of resources should also aim at ultimately achieving the purpose for which the organization was set up.

In today’s changing world where resources are rapidly getting depleted and where technology has redefined how business is run, there is only one resource that has remained constant, the Human resource.

In an environment where there are similar products and where the consumer dictates the market trends, competition has been redefined and the route to market reengineered. The people resource however has not gone through this drastic evolution but must still cope with this new dynamic environment. It is therefore critical that organizations continue to invest in its people as the only remaining competitive advantage.

Serian Consulting Limited ( SCL )was established in 2018 and aims at partnering with organizations in the critical areas of Strategic Human Capital management to enable the alignment of the HR function to the organization strategy and to ultimately achieve the purpose of the organization, which can only done through and by people . At SCL we recognize that employees are first people and then employees and this remains a core principle in our approach to engaging with organizations as they seek to deliver on their objectives through people.


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