Our leadership experts embark on a journey of inter-and-intra personal discovery designed to help your leaders build trust and credibility, influence mindsets and tapping into the potential and the energy of a winning team.

Our programs are developed and designed for your industry and company to perfectly meet the needs and dynamics of your team. We build real and relevant work scenarios into the program, cleverly designed to challenge participants’ understanding of leadership, engagement, motivation, goal-setting, accountability and performance measurement.

Our leadership programs assist you to transcend mediocrity into the realm of excellence in achieving long-lasting qualitative and quantitative results.


Using horses to facilitate leadership and emotional intelligence is cutting edge and experiential.
It provides a unique opportunity for delegates to get feedback about their personal energy.
More specifically, the results are:

  • Discover true leadership capabilities with both Leadership and Emotional Intelligence focus
  • Receive unedited insights as to your natural leadership
  • Identify your comfort level in dealing with powerful followers through positive influence
  • Learn how guiding with empathy earns respect and authority
  • Pre- and Post- Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • A Personalised Leadership Development Action Plan


  • On the spot learning takes place.
  • Impact and Learnings are more powerful than the traditional method of class room training.
  • Participants are taken out of their comfort zones and so are more open to the process of self-discovery
  • Participants are more willing to accept feedback from a Horse, than from another Human Being!
  • Participants see themselves and their teams from a different perspective.