The Purpose of any great organization is the foundation upon which its  strategic pillars  are built . The deployment  of resources should also aim at     ultimately achieving  the purpose for which the organization was set up.

In today’s changing world where resources are rapidly getting depleted and where technology has redefined how business is run, there is only one resource that has remained constant, the Human resource.

In an environment where there are similar products and where the consumer dictates the market trends, competition has been redefined and the route to market reengineered. The people resource however has not gone through this drastic evolution but must still cope with this new dynamic environment. It  is therefore critical that organizations continue to invest in its people as the only remaining competitive advantage .

Serian Consulting  Limited  ( SCL )was established  in 2018  and aims at partnering with organizations in the critical areas of Strategic Human Capital management to enable the alignment of the HR function  to the  organization strategy and to ultimately  achieve the purpose of the organization, which can only done through and by people . At SCL we recognize that employees are first people and then employees and this remains a core principle in our approach to engaging with organizations as they seek to deliver on their objectives through people.


At SCL we take pride  in providing end to end people solutions . Our key areas of  interventions  however  include the following ;

Leadership Development

Organizations require the right quality of leaders not just for the current existence  but also for the future. Hiring the right leaders guarantees  organization’s delivery of its strategic objectives . The leaders once on board  will require ongoing  reskilling and development to enable them cope with the demands of the workplace . Our approach to leadership development is through  psychometric  assessments  followed coaching  to enable the leaders overcome ongoing work challenges . This approach focuses on determining the actual issues facing a leader and supporting  them to handle the same . Other interventions related to the above is  targeted  leadership training .

Talent Management & Succession Planning

Organization demands world over require talented people who are able to design and implement strategies to win in the market place. Not all employees possess the qualities  that are required to drive  the business into the future and it is therefore important  to identify  the talented employees  and develop them for that purpose.  As organizations evolve , so do the leadership, and planning and preparing  for the future of the organization includes  people , hence  succession planning.

Organization Design and Restructuring

As organizations plan their strategies, internal and external factors impact their very design. The process involved here identifies aspects of work that  no longer align to the goals and realities of the organization given changes that it could be going through . Aspects of work include structures, work flows or processes and systems.  This is one area that organizations do not deal with unless faced by major threats  to their  existence . This however should not be the case as all  areas in the organization need to be continually  aligned  in order to effectively drive strategy .

Organization Culture and Change

The workplace culture determines how the organization delivers, it  also determines its “pulse” . The wrong culture can derail all the best efforts and strategies that an organization can put in place. Change is said to be the only constant. This may be  cliche,  but today’s organizations are impacted daily by changes  driven from various factors including customer demands and technology. Organizations therefore require to constantly  transform to align to the changes  . Enabling organizations to transform  is one of our areas of expertise.

Organization Branding

A good  organization’s brand coupled with  culture determine  how customers and other stakeholders interact and  engage with the organization. The building of a strong brand has to be deliberate as it contributes greatly to the organization’s purpose.

HR Governance and Risk Management

The  soundness of a function is determined a lot by its governance and risk management frameworks and how the same are implemented to give confidence  to management on the various HR pillars and how  these in turn  support the delivery of the business objectives.

Other areas

  • Resourcing
  • HR Analytics
  • Employee engagement

Project Management

Our other product offering is in the area of strategic Project Management. The  successful delivery of any project is hinged on the discipline necessary to   ensure that  the project is  effectively managed   through all the phases of the project cycle ; right from initiation , risk management , costing , time , reporting to closure with guaranteed benefits realization. We provide capacity building in Project management an also hand holding for ongoing projects.

Our Partners

In a world where data has become the number one consideration in decision making, we believe that data  enables businesses to make the right people decisions. We partner with  Career Connections, a  core partner  of  Korn Ferry  and Hogan , for use of online assessment tools to support decisions related to most of the above areas.  The CEO is also a licensed  Hogan’s feedback  coach.

We are   also a licensed member of the  global Organization Design Community as well as a certified Organization Designer.

People are the only “non- evolving” asset in every organization. They are also a costly resource. It is therefore imperative that the right decisions are made around people with regards to how they are resourced, developed and retained. Our mission at  SCL is to partner with organizations so that they may derive  ROI through effective utilization of their people.